January 28, 2022


Eyebrow tinting the secret to perfect looking brows

Not everyone would be blessed with sleek and dark natural Eyebrow. Some of us would have to rely on filling our brows for that perfect dark Eyebrow look. Don’t you just think there is something special about a perfect eyebrow that gives the most transformed beauty look?

Now, paint this picture – you wake up in the morning, follow your morning routine, apply your makeup and you’re on your way out in no time. You do not have to bother about drawing the perfect brows again, you can now avoid that annoying brow filling and you can also stay in bed longer.

Glorious, right?

The process that can bring that your painting to life is called Eyebrow tinting, and it involves easy steps that you can quickly breeze through.

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What is an eyebrow tint?

Eyebrow tinting is the process of adding a permanent cream-based dye or semi-permanent plant-based dye to your eyebrows with the aim of darkening and improving their color. In other words, a brow tint which focuses on dying the eyebrows isn’t a procedure for defining eyebrow length or even shape.

Would you consider getting an eyebrow tint done?

What are the benefits of brow tinting?

The benefits of brow tinting include spotting weeks of dark, fuller brows without the help of an eyebrow gel or pencil. People with blonde or light brows generally experience the most significant difference with a brow tint when compared to people with dark brows. This set of people already have dark brows and there won’t be a noticeable change in the color of their brows post-tint. The only change that would be identified includes a slightly darker and fuller eyebrow.

How much does it cost?

The price of a brow tint greatly depends on the location you’re getting done from, but expect to pay between $20 – 40 for this service.

How long does it last?

A brow tint is expected to last anywhere between 2 – 3 weeks. And this depends on some factors like; how much you touch your eyes, how often you wash your face, the type of cleanser you use and so on. Oil-based makeup remover and oil cleansers could wash the tint off faster, you would want to keep away from them. To get the best, longest and lasting result, keep the eye area dry for the first 24 hours after getting your brows tinted, use oil-free makeup removers and cream-based products on your eye area.

Have you tinted your eyebrows before?

How long does it last?

Brow tinting is a relatively quick and painless procedure. The whole process takes about 10 minutes, right from applying the dye to waiting for it to set.

Does eyebrow tinting hurt?

No, brow tinting is a painless process. The dyes used are semi-permanent colors and they are gentle on eyebrow hair.

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Is brow tinting safe?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Currently, the FDA hasn’t approved any form of color additives for dying Eyebrows, so, this service is illegal in some states. However, if you take this question to the internet and people in the beauty world, they consider brow tinting as a low-risk beauty treatment, a small price to pay for the result you get.

As a general rule with beauty services, ensure you visit a brow studio that uses an experienced brow technician who employs the use of high quality products. The eye is a very sensitive area and as long as the correct brow tinting procedure is followed to a T, brow tinting is perfectly safe.

The issue of allergy is the only negative aspect experienced by a handful of people. The solution used to dye the brows can cause irritation to people with sensitive skin.

In essence, we are asking you to do due diligence before making any brow tint appointment – read reviews online, ask your friends and definitely call the brow studio before going in.

What is the tint made of?

The only dye recommended for tinting brows is a vegetable or plant-based dye. So, always make sure you or your eyebrow technician do not make use of regular hair dye to color your eyebrows.

As a client, if you have doubts, visit your doctor and get a written note to give to your brow technician.

Can you tint your eyebrows yourself?

Eyebrow tinting should be performed by a licensed provider. The pro should ensure they carry out a patch test or consultation step before the actual thing. The consultation process helps to determine if a brow tinting procedure should be administered on a client.

In a situation where you are confident of your application skill and you have considered the associated risks – the eye area is pretty delicate and the worst that can happen is going blind (scary, right?) – You can purchase a range of at home brow tint kits to get the service done by yourself.

Finding out about the ban on eyebrow dye, are you still considering this procedure?

Are Eyebrow tints bad for you?

People who have a history of reacting to hair dye aren’t the right candidates for this service. Tinting their eyebrows can result in irritation or even severe contact allergies to the skin, damage to their eyes – if the dye gets into their eyes – that could eventually lead to blindness.

Do I need a eyebrow tint?

Ideally, people with fair Eyebrow hair are best suited to get their eyebrows tinted. This procedure would accentuate their eyebrows making them more noticeable. While people with dark eyebrows should opt for a brow lift as it would give them more volume and make their already dark eyebrows appear fanned-out.

Can you fill your eyebrows after an Eyebrow tint?

Yes, you definitely can fill your eyebrows after a brow tint. However, the main aim of a brow tint is for you to not have to fill them. The primary purpose of an eyebrow tint is to give them a stronger pigment and make them look full.

What not to do after getting your Eyebrows tinted.

Eyebrow tint is relatively low maintenance or even no maintenance procedure, so, you can do everything as you would normally do after the first 24 hours with the exception of putting your eyes underwater.

If you are looking for a temporary fix to your eyebrow game, eyebrow tint is the solution for you – but if you want a longer fix we recommend you look into options such as micro-needling or micro-blading. To cap this up, eyebrow tinting is a low risk procedure, just ensure your technician make use of the right eyebrow dye.

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