May 19, 2022
a woman getting her eyebrow threaded


What is eyebrow threading?

Eyebrow threading is a hair removal technique originating from south Asia and the Middle East. This threading technique involves the use of cotton thread to groom rough eyebrows. The cotton thread is placed between the hands of an eyebrow technician (in some cases, their mouth too) and twisted to get rid of unwanted hairs right from their roots.

How does eyebrow threading work?

Eyebrow threading requires a cotton thread for the removal of unwanted hair. This thin thread is usually folded into two and twisted multiple times to form a butterfly shape or figure 8. The eyebrow technician holds this thread in both hands releasing it to trap unwanted hair and quickly contracting it to pluck the hair right from its follicle.

a specialist threading a client's brows

How long does eyebrow threading last?

The rate at which different individual’s hair grow is different. Client A and client B might decide to get their brows threaded at the same time, but trust me, they won’t have to go back for touch up at the same time. But generally speaking, eyebrow threading is expected to last anywhere from 2-5 weeks before you can decide to go back.


How much is eyebrow threading?

The price of eyebrow threading is expected to vary depending on your location, the brow salon, your eyebrow technician, and even the state of your eyebrows. Putting all of these into perspective, you should expect to pay $12 to $40 per eyebrow session.

Does eyebrow threading hurt?

Sadly, the answer is yes. Eyebrow threading hurt just like other hair removal technique. The pain you are expected to experience might not be at the same level as that from tweezing or waxing but it is a form of pain anyway.

Are there any side effects from eyebrow threading?

You bet there are side effects to this. In as much as you are removing the unwanted hairs right from thir root, you are opening up the pores for possible irritation. Asides irritation, redness and breakouts are also two major side effects to consider before you thread your eyebrow. Although redness isn’t a long-lasting side effect (it reduces within 1-2 hours after a threading session), you must never forget to thread your brow way ahead before an important occasion. Who wants to be that lady with the red and sore eyebrows at the meeting?

Breakouts as a side effect depends on how you take care of your recently threaded brows. If you go about touching your newly plucked brows or you allow different people touch them, you are simply inviting trouble.

To be on a safer side, after threading your eyebrows you must ensure you stay away from swimming pools, saunas, spray tans, make up, and hot temperatures.

A male client getting his brow hairs removed

How is eyebrow threading different from waxing and tweezing?

There are many reasons why eyebrow threading is different from both waxing and tweezing. And these reasons are the major factors that clients considered before picking the threading techniques over the other two.

One of these reasons is, threading gives full control to the eyebrow technician, so, the removal of hair is always concise giving the client the right eyebrow shape. On the other hand, axing relinquishes control from the hands of the technician. The wax removes any hair it comes in contact with without any apology.

Also, the issue of contact with the skin puts eyebrow threading above both waxing and tweezing. In the case of threading, the soft cotton thread does not pull or tug at the delicate skin surrounding the eyebrow area. But you see tweezing and waxing? A pair of tweezers can mistakenly scrape the skin resulting in a bruise. Now, imagine if that pair of tweezers wasn’t sterilize before its use. Bad sight, huh?

If you have the option of picking between eyebrow threading, waxing, and tweezing, choose brow threading.

In my opinion, waxing is the greatest evil of the three hair removal technique. Waxing involves the use of heat and chemicals to remove unwanted hair, and these chemicals such as retinol usually leads to breakout and skin damage.

Does threading work for all skin and hair types?

Yes, eyebrow threading work for all skin and hair types. Since this technique do not require the use of chemicals, it is just about right for everyone. Eyebrow technique is also a great option for removing the tiniest of hairs as well as the shortest.

And if you are one of those individuals susceptible to breakouts when you wax, eyebrow threading is a better option for you to explore.

It is of huge importance that you take care of your skin after a brow threading appointment.

Benefits of eyebrow threading

The three benefits of eyebrow threading we are going to take a look at includes; safety, natural, and risk of contamination.

In terms of safety, eyebrow threading is considered the safest method of hair removal as opposed to waxing, and tweezing. The specialist is in total control of the thread and manueuvres it the way they want it to go.

Also, eyebrow threading does not require the use of chemical. It is 100% natural which simply means there are no added chemicals or solutions for the procedure to be performed. This translates to no skin bruises from the chemical reactions.

 According to professionals, the risk of contamination in using eyebrow threading is minimal. And this is because the part of the thread which the specialist holds on to doesn’t get in contact with their clients skin. And even in the rarest of occasion, should a contamination occur, the right after is the exact thing needed to get the situation under control.

Disadvantages of eyebrow threading

Isn’t it surprising that after listing off all the perks you stand to gain, we are here dishing out the demerits of eyebrow threading?

Not to be scared, every procedure with benefits should have disadvantages too.

The disadvantages of eyebrow threading include; an individual who just recently performed cosmetic surgery cannot have their eyebrows threaded. This is because their skin hasn’t healed from the procedure and it won’t be wise to put it under another strain. So, it is always advisable for such a person to ask their doctors about it first, and give their skin the much needed rest it needs before doing it.


How to find the right threader

Finding the right eyebrow threader shouldn’t be a difficult task to undergo. The same way you picked your eyelash technician should be the same way you pick a threader. Ensure you speak to the specialist before your appointment, tell the person the shape of the eyebrow you want and don’t forget to relax.