May 19, 2022
Silk eyelashes

Silk Eyelashes: Luxury for Less

Silk Eyelash Extensions; Are they worth the hype?

You have probably come across different types of false eyelashes, but silk lashes are some of the most popular false lashes out there. False eyelash extensions abound in a wide variety, from mink lashes to silk eyelashes, to synthetic eyelashes. It can be difficult to decide on one, especially as every type of false lashes has its pros and cons. And of course, there is always your budget to consider. We demystified everything concerning eyelashes in this Guide to Eyelash Extensions

What then makes silk eyelashes so popular? What are silk lashes made of? Are they safe to wear? How does one apply silk false lashes? How much do they cost, and how long do they last? In short, are silk lash extensions worth the hype they get?

All of your questions about silk eyelashes, and even more, are answered below. Here we cut through the hype, and guide you through all the technical lash jargon to all the necessary information you need to know about silk lash extensions. Keep reading to find them!

Did you know that silk eyelashes are hypoallergenic? Keep reading to find out more! 

What are Silk Eyelashes?

Silk eyelashes are a type of false eyelashes. They are quite popular in the fashion and beauty spheres because they are affordable, durable and most especially, comfortable to wear.

Contrary to popular belief, silk eyelashes are not made from actual real silk, but from a synthetic-based silk fiber called PBT. Real silk cannot be used in making false eyelashes because it is a soft material and as a result, will not be able to hold the shape and curl needed for false eyelashes. However, some lash brands still market their silk lashes as being 100% silk. This should not be taken to mean 100% pure silk.

Silk lashes are not made from real silk but from a synthetic-based silk fiber.

What’s the difference between Mink, Synthetic and Silk lashes?

Silk eyelashes

In the world of false eyelashes, all lashes are not created equal. False eyelashes are created from different types of fibers and materials, and this dictates their quality, and price.

Mink lashes, the most popular and most expensive type of false lashes, are made from the soft tail fur of Siberian or Chinese minks. They are soft, light and have the most natural look you can aim to get from fake lashes. In addition, they last for very long periods of time, depending on how well they are maintained. If you want to know more about Mink lashes, then read this post on Mink Lashes.

Silk lashes, on the other hand, are made from a man-made polyester called Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), which is also used in making toothbrush fibers, keycaps and showerheads. They are very similar to mink lashes in terms of appearance and style. However, unlike mink lashes, silk eyelashes are very durable, and can withstand more prolonged wearing.

That’s not all…

In addition, silk lash extensions can withstand more handling than mink and synthetic lashes. In fact, they can get wet without losing their curl! This is unlike mink lashes that lose their curl once they get wet and have to be manually curled again.

Synthetic lashes are the cheapest type of fake lashes. However, ironically, the cheapness of synthetic lash extensions comes at a price; they tend to appear more artificial than mink and silk eyelashes. They are not as soft or fluffy as their other counterparts. Instead, they usually have coarse and stubby ends with an overall shiny gaudy look that gives them off as fake eyelashes. Furthermore, as a result of their bulk, synthetic eyelashes can be heavy and feel uncomfortable to wear.

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Can silk lashes be reused?


With proper care and maintenance, you can use silk lash extensions multiple times. And you don’t have to worry, taking care of silk lashes is not as stressful as you think. All it takes is running some makeup remover along the band lash until the glue dissolves. This gets rid of any remnants of glue from your last wear, and keeps the lashes in good shape until the next time you have to wear them.


How do silk eyelashes look?

Silk lashes, unlike synthetic lashes and faux mink lashes, usually appear more natural. Like mink lashes, silk lashes are also lightweight and super comfortable to wear. However, silk lash extensions are a little thicker and glossier than mink lashes which generally have a matte appearance.

Silk lash extensions are a better alternative than synthetic lashes because they can be worn longer than the latter. This is due to their softness and porosity. In addition, their curl pattern is not as uniform as that of synthetic lashes, hence their more natural appearance.

How much do silk lashes cost?

The price of silk lashes generally depends on their brand and quality. However, their price ranges between $18-$30 USD for a pair.

How to apply silk lash extensions

Fake lashes will take your appearance from zero to hundred in minutes, but applying them sounds easier than it actually is. For many people, applying false lashes can be very difficult and can easily turn into a nightmare.

Applying false lashes sounds easy, until you try it. 

It is because of this that we prepared for you, a very easy, but very detailed guide on How to apply false lashes. If you follow all the steps listed in the guide and try them multiple times, it is only a matter of time before you become a pro at applying fake lashes!

Are silk lashes truly worth the hype?

All the different types of false eyelashes have their pros and cons. While mink lashes offer the most natural appearance, they may still not be the best choice for you, especially if you have allergies to animal furs. Silk lashes on the other hand are hypoallergenic, meaning they contain little to no allergens that can cause you to react.

Mink lashes may be the holy grail of eyelashes, but silk lashes definitely offer more in terms of affordability, comfort, and durability! They are cheap, easy to care for and can be reused multiple times! Silk eyelash extensions are definitely worth the hype they get!