May 19, 2022


What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a process that involves altering the shape and color of your eyelash using a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution. In other words, it can be said to be a perm for your eyelash, curling your lashes right from its base to the tips.

This procedure usually requires the experienced hands of a professional because there are chemicals involved. But trust us, it isn’t as scary as we just mentioned; your eyes would be closed the entire time.

Scrubbing off mascara and the use of lash curlers are two procedures that can actually damage your eyelashes. Undergoing a lash lift procedure will enable your damaged lashes grow long and strong without any fear.

How does lash lifting works?

A lash lifting procedure generally takes between 45-60 minutes depending on the thickness of your natural eyelash.

Like we said previously, lash lift is a perm for lashes but it doesn’t make use of those harmful chemicals used to perm hair.

Before booking a session, it is advised you asked your technician some questions so as to be on the safer side. Ensure you are putting your eyes in the care of the right person.

These steps are generally how a lash lift procedure is done;

  • The lash technician preps the eye area and determines the lash style, getting you ready for your session. It is usually advised to visit the lash studio makeup-free when you decide to have a lash lift procedure done.
  • The lash artist also picks the suitable curling shield size to cover the lashes with.
  • The lash artist goes ahead to place the shield which is usually silicone on the eyelids using a medically safe glue. The glue resembles the one that is used to glue on false lash extensions.
  • Then, your natural lashes are combed upwards and glued at their tips to the silicone shield. This step ensures the lashes are shaped in place.
  • The curling solution also called the perming solution is applied to the lashes. This solution softens the hair and it is allowed to stay on from anywhere between six to twelve minutes. This all depends on the thickness of the lashes and how well your lashes can hold a curl.
  • After the allocated time elapses, a hardening solution known as setting lotion is put on the lashes. The function of this lotion is to harden the lashes back up and lock the shape in.
  • The setting lotion is usually followed by a nourishing solution. The nourishing solution is used to add moisture back to the lashes, and, it contains keratin and sodium PCA. Aloe Vera, grape seed oil ad glycerin are the other moisture attracting ingredients the nourishing oil contains. This step is quite similar to adding conditioner to your hair after you must have bleached or dyed the hair.

Lash lift is a procedure that takes about an hour from the start to finish.

How long does a lash lift last?

Typically, lash lifts last between six to eight weeks. At the end of the 8th week, we advise the client to get a redo of the procedure. This is because, at eight weeks, the natural growth cycle of lashes would have kicked in, and new straight lashes would grow behind the lifted ones.

How much does lash lift cost?

Lash lifts cost $75 – $100 per session. And these prices depend on where you go to get yours done.

Can anything go wrong?

We can assure you that lash lifts are not painful at all. You might have come across some pictures of the procedure, and they may look hurtful and intimidating. Trust us, they are not. They are just uncomfortable because you have to lie still and close your eyes throughout the session.

As with anything related to beauty and wellness, we recommend you speak to an expert. Always ask the lash artist for a patch test of the solution to ensure your skin isn’t sensitive to the perming solution before opting for a full session.

Will a lash lift damage your lashes?

This procedure if done right should not damage your lashes. A certified lash artist that has done a lash lift in the past should be aware that the perming solution is added to the middle of the lash and the tip of the eyelash avoiding the eyelash bed.

Lash lift can be likened to coloring your hair. Dying your hair isn’t the best thing for your hair but as long as you do it in moderation it won’t hurt.

How do you maintain a lash lift?

In order to maximize the look you get from your session, we advise you don’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours after getting them done. The aim is to allow the bond set completely – just like you would do with a real perm.

Can you use mascara on top of your lash lift?

Mascaras can be used on top of your lash lift if that is the look you want. But the rule is to give the bond time to set before applying anything to the newly done lashes.

Do lash lifts work on any lash length and color?

In as much as the length of your lashes is 4mm long and above, you can have the lash lift procedure done. Since lash lifting requires the lashes to be glued to the eyelids before the curling solution is added, you have got to have something the lash artist would work with.

We also recommend a lash tint session when you get a lash lift done. The combination of both procedures gives a carefully balanced look which is pleasing to the eye.

With Lash lifts, there are serious risks to be considered. These risks can be made worse if you do not work with an aesthetician that have experience working with lash lift.

What is the difference between a lash lift and lash extension?

You might be wondering why you should ditch your lash extension for a lash lift session. We have all the juice why they are better than lash extensions.

Asides from the fact that lash lifts are surprisingly cheaper than lash extensions, they are also low maintenance. They do not require the user to be extra careful when washing their face, sleeping a certain way, or even applying makeup a certain way – which is something that you always have to consider with lash extensions.

Lash lifts are generally low maintenance but it is advised to keep conditioning them every night. The lashes have been processed and it would do you a lot of good to keep them nourished and conditioned. You can use coconut oil or any facial oil to achieve this.

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