May 19, 2022


First step first

For the reality show star, Kim Kardashian West fans, eyelash extensions have got to be like Kim’s or nothing else. If you are a rookie and you are just starting out with lash extensions, one of the first thing you might do is….

Take out your phone, open up a shopping app and type eyelash extension in the search bar. Or if you are like me, you go to your local beauty store and tell the Sales representative you are looking for an eyelash extension that would get the job done.


She goes ahead happily to tell you that a J-curl would be the ideal lash for you. A J-curl offers ample opportunities for a classic eyelash extension style. If you are going for a full but natural look, a hybrid lash extension would be great. And here is the thickness and length they have on offer.

A J-curl offers ample opportunities for a classic eyelash extension style.


You have no idea what she’s saying. The fact is, you look lost, and you might just as well give up this ridiculous idea about getting Kim’s eyes.

Does this sound familiar?

We bet it does. It has happened to a good number of lash enthusiasts.


There are various types, curl, lengths, and thicknesses of eyelash extensions. And quite often, a beginner gets lost trying to get the one that is perfect for them.

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If you are a beginner looking for the ultimate eyelash extension guide or you have been wearing lashes before now, but, you would love to know more about them then this is for you.

Different types of eyelash extension

Before we talk about the different types of lash extension curl, we would like to let you know that eyelash extensions come in three forms;

  1. Mink lashes
  2. Synthetic lashes
  3. Silk lashes

Mink Lashes

These are made from the tail fur of Siberian minks or Chinese minks. Mink lashes are generally lightweight and fluffy. As a newbie looking to venture into lash extensions, mink lashes are the most desirable of lashes. The con of using mink lashes is that people that are sensitive or allergic to animal fur can’t use them without getting irritation.

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Synthetic lashes

These are man-made lashes and one of the benefits we know of using them is the curl. They do not require the user to perm them. And they are also the heaviest of all lashes.

Silk Lashes

Silk lashes unlike the name aren’t made from pure silk as we would get in clothing materials. Generally, they’re mid-weight and some people find them heavy. Silk lashes aren’t meant for everyday wear seeing as they are not comfortable on the eye like mink lashes.

Choosing a curl type in your eyelash extension

Having decided on the type of lash extension you want, the next step is to choose a curl type. Lash curl styles range from a natural finish to a more dramatic look if you are going to combine your curls. Here are the most basic types of lash curls in the order of the least curly to the curliest;

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We are going to start with J-curl. They are considered the most natural-looking lash. They are pretty much straight and curls slightly at their tips at a 30-degree angle. It the least curly and it is advisable to be used on clients looking for length and volume. We are recommending you use J-curls if your natural lashes are straight or point downward.



B-curls are similar to J-curls. They are a little bit curlier than J-curls and they point upwards at a 45-degree angle. B-curls are recommended on people with a slightly curly lash so the glue holds the base stronger and better.


These are the most popular lash curl and lots of lash artists make use of them. Putting a C-curl on a straight natural lash isn’t a good idea. C-curl lashes are best suited for lashes that are a little bit curly so it can last longer. C-curls are commonly used because they create an open-eye effect. C-curls curve at a 60-degree angle enhancing the shape of the eye.



These are the curliest set and they curve at a 70-degree angle. D-curls are not recommended for hooded eyes or straight lashes because they hurt the top of the eyes. D-curls are becoming more popular and they provide the most life. D-curls are known to give the eyes a doll-like effect.

Another set of curls that are gaining more popularity includes;

  • L-curl: they are shaped like “L” and give a lift to the lash-line.
  • CC-curl: they are somewhere between the C and D-curl.
  • LC-curl: they combine both the attributes of both the L-curl and the C-curl.
  • LD-curl: LD-curl also goes by the name “L+”. They are straight and curve at their ends at an 85-degree angle giving them a dramatic curl effect. LD-curl combines both the straight base of the regular L-curl with the curve of the D-curl.

Diameter and width of lash extensions

Most people think that the diameter of an eyelash extension means its weight. We are sorry to burst your bubble, it means the thickness and width of any lash extension. Lash with a bigger diameter is heavier than lashes with a smaller diameter. So, for this reason, we would advise you to put a maximum of two lashes on a single natural lash depending on the diameter of the false extension.

How to achieve a classic lash style

A classic style is usually one lash extension to one natural lash. To achieve a classic lash style, it is advised to stick to .10mm – .20mm. this is because we are putting the client’s lash into consideration. In a situation where you want a classic lash style but you still want it to be super thick, a volume set is a way to go.

How to achieve a volume lash style

To achieve a volume set, we recommend using 2-5 lash extensions to one natural lash while the thickness that we recommend is .03mm – .07mm. the aim is to create a fan-like structure on the eye.

How to achieve a mega volume

To achieve this set, add 6-16 lash extensions to one natural lash. And because we are using that much on a natural lash, we advise that you use .03mm – .05mm.

Different types of length for lash extensions

Choosing the right length for your eyelash is just as essential as picking the right lash curls. This step is important because we are trying to avoid damaging the lash lines.

The length of lash extensions is in diameters. And as a universal rule, it is advisable to consider the length of the natural lash and choose a length that isn’t longer than 2-3mm of the natural lash. The aim is to balance the weight of the extension on the natural lash. Longer lashes always look wispier, and shorter lashes appear more dense and packed.

Choosing the right lashes for different eye shapes

To achieve a great work of art, this is the part where all you have learned about length, diameter, curl, and lash style comes into play. We understand that what looks good on one person may not look good on another. And we can attribute this fact to different physical features and appearances, curl patterns of the individual lash, and the number of lashes.

In this section, we are going to talk about some of the popular eye shapes;

  • Hooded/deep-set eyes- softer C-curls with longer lengths will make these eyes open.
  • Mono-lid – L or L+ curls are what we recommend for these eyes. The inner corners as well as the outer corners should be kept short. Doing a volume set is a big yes for them also.
  • Almond eyes – these types of eyes work well with any curl or length. Anything you do on them always comes out fabulous.
  • Wide-set eyes – it has been established that any curl works fine on these eyes. But a balance has to be maintained and you can achieve this by making the middle lash long while the outer corners should be short.
  • Prominent eyes – these eyes look great with shorter D-curl lashes. The D-curl adds more drama to the eyes.

We understand that what looks good on one person may not look good on another. And we can attribute this fact to different physical features and appearances, curl patterns of the individual lash, and the number of lashes.

How to properly apply lash extensions

Applying false lashes with a tweezer

Step 1: raise the upper lashes using a silicone shield.

Step 2: map out the lash length and style

Step 3: isolate one natural lash with tweezers

Step 4: Apply a small amount of lash glue under the false lash extension

Step 5: Apply the lash extension on top of the natural lash.

Step 6: wait for the glue to dry off.

A major pro-tip after getting your lashes done is to avoid getting them wet during the first 24 hours. This usually helps them to last longer ensuring you get your money’s worth.

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