January 28, 2022
a model using a tweezer on her lash extensions


What’s the best type of false lashes for you?

You want to touch up your looks and add some drama with some false lashes, but the abundance of a wide variety of eyelash extensions has given you more confusion than clarity. The ones who seem to be experts in fake lashes are not helping with all the lash lingo either. You hear a lot about synthetic lashes, mink lashes and silk eyelashes, but you do not know the difference. You don’t know which one will suit you, but you just want to look good without breaking the bank.

Well, you can stop worrying. Here, we give you a breakdown of synthetic, mink, and silk lashes, their similarities and differences, their pros and cons each, and how to decide on the best lash extension for you.

What are Synthetic Eyelashes?

Synthetic lashes

Synthetic lashes are the most common type of false lashes on the market. They are made from plastic fibers and as a result, usually appear obviously artificial, unlike silk lashes, or the more natural mink lashes.

These false lashes, due to being made from synthetic fibers, usually come much thicker than the natural human lashes. In addition, they tend to be stubbier and can be uncomfortable to wear. Hence, it is advised that synthetic lashes should not be worn for extended periods of time.

On the other hand, mink lashes are made from the tail fur of the Siberian or Chinese mink. This means they are made from 100% real hair. As you can already guess, mink lashes are much lighter in weight due to the source of the hair they are made from, unlike synthetic lashes that are heavy on the eyes.

Synthetic lashes should not be worn for extended periods of time.

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That’s not all…

In addition, mink lash extensions are very soft and fluffy. In fact, some people consider mink lashes the most comfortable type of false lashes to wear. This is because they are very thin, light and have a tapered appearance, very much like your natural lashes.

Silk lashes, another type of fake lashes are a middle ground for people who want to wear false lashes but do not want the apparent fakeness of synthetic lashes, nor the mink lashes that are tainted with animal cruelty. This is because silk lashes also offer the comfort and beauty that mink lashes offer, and at a much cheaper price!

Mink lashes are undoubtedly the most expensive false lashes on the market, and this is because of how they are sourced. A pair of mink lashes can cost as much as $300 to $500 USD. However, they are not as durable as silk lashes. Mink lashes need to be kept from water, because exposure to water makes them lose their curl. Because they do not come pre-curled, they need to be permed and re-curled at home from time to time. This is contrast to silk eyelashes that retain their curl for as long as you have them.

Contrary to silk and mink lashes, synthetic lashes have a more uniform curl pattern that makes them appear less natural.

How long do synthetic lashes last?

Synthetic lashes may not last as long as their other counterparts, the mink and silk lashes. However, with proper care, you will be able to reuse them a few times. Nonetheless, it is advisable for synthetic lashes to be used just once and disposed of.

What are synthetic lashes made of?

Synthetic lashes are made from machine-moulded man-made plastic fibers. As a result of how they are made, synthetic lashes tend to be thicker, heavier and stubbier than silk or mink lashes. Also, due to the fact that they are made from plastic, the bands of synthetic lashes tend to be stiffer. This makes them more difficult to apply, especially for first timers. We give you a detailed guide on How to Apply False Lashes here.

Synthetic lashes are made from man-made plastic fibers. 

How much do synthetic lashes cost?

The prices of lashes generally depend on many factors such as the brand, quality and materials used. Synthetic lashes are the most affordable type of false lashes, usually ranging between $10 and $20 per pair.

Synthetic vs Mink Lashes; Best Bet?

Depending on your desired look, whether you want a soft or dramatic look; your taste, and of course, your budget, both synthetic and mink lashes are good options of false lashes.