May 19, 2022
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How To: Expert Tips To Remove Lash Extensions At Home

Removing Lash extensions at home

Over some time now, eyelash extensions have grown to become the ‘it’ thing for every girl and beauty inclined person out there. This need and craze for lash extensions continues growing because it instantly gives the wearer longer and fuller lashes. Yes, I haven’t met a girl that would pass on an opportunity to join the big league of long eyelash extensions wearer. Yet, with busy schedules and an ever-growing list of responsibilities, we find ourselves with limited time to get tasks done and that’s not even talking about going into the salon to get our lashes touched-up (or removed). For this reason I am asking you this question today: Can you remove your eyelash extensions at home? I know you have had this question on your mind for a while now, so here’s all you need to know.

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Is It Safe to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

Truth be told, the only safe way guaranteed to remove your eyelash is going into the salon to have a professional do it, and this method guarantees that your eyes and natural lashes will be safe. There is a number of reason why an amateur shouldn’t be caught trying to remove eyelash extensions. First being, the glue used in setting the lash extension is a surgical-grade glue. Also, a novice won’t know the precaution to take to prevent the spread of bacteria into the eye area. On the part of a professional lash artist they have hundreds of hours of training, not to mention the proper equipment to prevent the listed concerns. So if you can wait to see a professional, you should.


Having dealt with that and it is out of the way, there are unseen circumstances that might prevent you from going into the salon to have your lashes removed, and may want to take matters into your own hands. Just like how COVID-19 disrupted the whole work-flow in 2020. Whether you’re in-between appointments or giving up on extensions for a while to give your natural lashes a breather, luckily there are a few damage-free, expert-approved ways to remove eyelash extensions at home. Just ensure you listen to our warnings about the sanitary and safety risks of removing your lash extensions by yourself at home.

Moving on, we’ve put together some of our favorite methods for safely removing eyelash extensions at home, and some of the best practices for keeping your eyelashes healthy. Note, all of this methods were shared by experts, so you do not have to be worried.

First Thing’s First—Avoid Picking or Pulling on Your Lash Extensions

While you want to quickly want to remove your lash extensions, we want you to slow down and avoid doing some of the things that can potentially do more harm than good. The goal is to keep your lashes as healthy as possible, so it’s important to know what you can do and what is off-limits.

“Never cut your lashes or pick off your lash extensions. Picking at them will only cause damage to your natural lashes, and your extensions will eventually grow out and shed with your natural lash cycle.” Try as much as possible to resist the urge to pick on or pull at your lash extensions as doing any of these will prevent the growth of new lashes.

a model using a tweezer on her lash extensions

Try Taking a Hot Shower to Loosen Your Lash Extensions

If you can recall, your lash artist advised you to avoid getting your lashes wet during the first 24 hours after getting them done. This is because water shortens the duration of your lashes and it loosens the glue. Taking a hot shower serves as a catalyst in loosening up the effect of the glue. Also, while in the shower, do not pick, pluck, rub, or pull at your lash extensions. This is a very risky thing to do just like it is painful too. Plucking can cause breakage to your existing lashes, not to mention that touching your lashes can quickly spread bacteria to your lash line and surrounding eye area.


Or, you can start using an Oil-Based Cleanser

Any experienced lash artist should tell you not to use oil-based cleansers after getting a fresh set, as this can interfere with the function of the lash glue and cause your extensions to fall out sooner rather than later. But since you’re trying to remove your lash extensions, oil cleanser is your go to option. This step should be done while you’re cleaning your face at night, move the oil in gentle, circular motions to gently start to dissolve the lash glue. A point to note is this isn’t a one off procedure; you’ll need to follow this procedure for a few nights to loosen your lash extensions up.

Try Using a Professional-Grade Lash Glue Dissolver Since your

eyelashes are delicate and the skin around your eyes is also sensitive, it’s important to read up some of the practices you should follow and those you shouldn’t follow before trying to remove your lash extensions at home. A lash enthusiast once said, “You can definitely loosen extensions by taking hot showers and drenching them in oils, but to remove safely, with as little damage as possible, you’ll need to purchase a remover. Remember, lash extension bond is quite similar to superglue, you have to use something that dissolves it to avoid extra damage to the natural lash.”

You can soak a cotton pad with remover and apply this to the lashes to ensure that the remover starts to loosen the glue of the extensions for safe at-home removal. The lash expert also added, “When applying a professional glue, dissolving remover to the extensions, be sure to keep it out of your eyes.” Keeping your eyes free of any irritants is the most important thing to do when attempting to remove your extensions at home.

Try using castor oil

If you want something that will help in removing your lash extensions overnight, then you should try castor oil. “Oils that have been shown to weaken extension adhesives are mineral oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, canola oil, and castor oil,” says another lash expert.

During your night time skincare routine, you can easily add castor oil to your lashes using either a spoolie or a q-tip and leaving it on overnight. “Rub the swab or spoolie along the top of your lash line where the extensions are bonded, taking great care to not allow any of the oil into your eye,” says the expert. If oil does enter the eye, be sure to wash it out immediately with water. While castor oil is generally safe, it’s best to do a spot test on your skin before applying it to your face.

Try applying more mascara

The help of a lengthening mascara and eyeliner in concealing leftover lash extensions can’t be over flogged. It is quite safe to conceal the remaining lash extensions instead of using your hands to pluck, pick or pull at them. “Using a good black liner on your upper lid will mask those stragglers right up,” says Marie Kurin. Not only can mascara help blend stubborn extensions that seem to be holding on for dear life, but using mascara on a daily basis can also help weaken the adhesive keeping the extensions attached to your actual lashes. “I know that bras and mascara are the two most unused things in this lockdown, but my tip would be to put mascara on every day,” she continues. “Most mascaras are loaded with waxes and oils so it should make them come right off in about a week of using it.” To really set the process in motion, employ the use of an oil-based makeup remover to gently remove your mascara at night.

a model applying mascara to her lash extensions

Post-Removal Care When Removing Your Lash Extensions At Home

Be Extra Careful with Your Natural Lashes

Once extensions are removed, it can be a little confusing on the best way to care for your lashes or maintain the look of long ones if you can’t make it to the salon for a new set. Whether you want to wear false lashes or grow out your natural ones, the good news is there are a few different ways you can maintain the look of extensions if you so choose.

Avoid using mechanical eyelash curlers

Mechanical eyelash curlers can damage your natural lashes in many ways, including pulling the lashes out at the root or breaking them in half. A better option to the mechanical eyelash curler is the Heated Eyelash Curler. The heated eyelash curlers helps in lifting the lashes without causing damage to them or your natural lashes.

Be gentle.

Once your extensions have fallen out, be gentle to your natural eyelashes–especially when applying or removing makeup. At this stage, it is very important not to apply too much pressure on the lashes or eye area and also very important to avoid rubbing on it pretty hard. Instead, the right thing to do is to nourish and strengthen the hair by applying an eyelash serum and follow these tips if you want your natural lashes to look longer.

By being mindful of the best ways to remove extensions and the products you can use to keep your eyelashes healthy, a task which you could have called intimidating can become easier with time as you put these helpful tips into practice.